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Orthodontics (Teeth Alignment)

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with straightening or moving teeth to improve alignment and appearance. Orthodontics usually involves wearing an appliance called a brace which applies gentle pressure to the tooth or teeth to gradually move them to into the correct position. Often this straightening of the teeth is done in the teenage years as the mouth and jaw develops but many adults also have orthodontic treatment to re-align their teeth.

Orthodontics Align Crooked Teeth and Boost Self-esteem Orthodontics are often necessary to help improve the stability, function and health of an individual’s teeth; otherwise, many people would be at higher risk for gum
disease, tooth decay and tooth loss because of improper teeth positioning in their mouth.

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“Orthodontics can make people feel better about themselves, Many patients, prior to orthodontics, smile with their mouth closed, because they are self-conscious about their teeth, but after orthodontics, they usually smile naturally, showing off their new look.”

General dentists may provide orthodontic services, or services through consultant orthodontist may be recommended.

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Benefits of braces:

1. Improved stability, function and health of teeth
2. Decreased risk of gum decay, tooth decay and tooth loss
3. Improved self-esteem for the patient